The design process is a journey undertaken by the client and the designer in which we explore a broad range of visual concepts and relationships. A successful landscape design solves visual and practical problems, enhances space and evokes mood. The design you select and help to create should reflect your lifestyle, budget and the unique characteristics of your house.

The most distinctive aspect of our work is that we approach design with an intuitive, artistic eye honed by years of design experience: In search of a particular atmosphere, we are absorbed by the quality of light, texture and space. We design gardens as living sculptural environments and we use naturalistic drifts of colour in a painterly way.

Each project demands a flexible and innovative approach with a deep regard for the integrity of the surrounding natural landscape. An ecological and sustainable approach is a key aspect of our gardens: We prefer to use local materials and a wide range of habitat friendly plant material.

A successful landscape design requires a passion for gardening and gardens, a discerning eye and the sensibility to create a space that is unique to each client. Our hallmark is our local horticultural experience and an international art and garden background.

We enjoy a close collaboration with our clients and invite you to review our selected projects. Please contact us when you are ready to begin transforming your property.

Our goal is to create timeless gardens that forge an enduring emotional connection between the client, the architecture and the surrounding landscape.